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  • Preparing Government to Manage
    the Cannabis Industry

  • Public Safety, Regulatory and Taxation
    Policies & Programs

Cannabis Consulting Services

HdL has established a specialized division with expert staff that have been working closely with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Food and Agriculture, Department of Public Health and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration in the implementation of the Medical Cannabis Regulatory and Safety Act (MCRSA). In addition, our staff has partnered with the League of California Cities, California State Association of Counties (CSAC), and the Police Chiefs Association to develop policy and regulatory strategies to manage the Cannabis Industry in California. We offer the resources and expertise to assist cities and counties with the design and implementation of all aspects of their regulatory and taxation policies and programs.

How We Help

We help our clients develop successful programs addressing:

  • Cannabis Business Tax Ordinances
  • Data Collection
  • Financial Audits
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Legislative Support
  • Regulatory Ordinance Development
  • Regulatory Compliance Inspections
  • Regulatory Fee Cost Recovery
  • Regulatory Permit Development
  • Revenue Modeling
  • State Rule Making Interpretation and Implementation
  • Track and Trace System Evaluation and Monitoring


Since 2015, HdL has been recognized as the leader in helping California government agencies at the state, county and local levels.  They have developed a Cannabis Management Program with former professional government marijuana policy experts with extensive knowledge in this area. These experts are assisting local government agencies with implementing and managing effective marijuana regulation and taxation.  Our experts work closely with law enforcement, the California Department of Consumer Affairs, the state legislature and other state agencies along with the League of California Cities, CSAC and RCRC to address and resolve local government issues related to the Cannabis Industry. We know the best practices and lessons learned from Colorado and various jurisdictions in California because our experts have helped develop these policies and continue to play a leadership role in the implementation of these programs.

For more information about HdL’s Cannabis Management Program Services or general questions about local government issues relating to cannabis governance, feel free to contact David McPherson at (909) 861-4335 or at dmcpherson@hdlcompanies.com.