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Preparing Government to Manage the New Cannabis Industry

The legalization of cannabis in California and many other states presents local government agencies with both opportunities and challenges. Those agencies which are pro-active, seek experienced advisors to lead their communities through these legislative changes will reap strong benefits and avoid unintended consequences due to staffs’ limited experience in dealing with cannabis issues, industry bias, or ill-advised local citizen initiatives.

HdL guides those agencies whose policymakers and constituents wish to tax and regulate cannabis businesses by helping them make strategic decisions about commercial or personal use cultivation, distribution, transportation, dispensary sales, testing, environmental protection, storage or home delivery while avoiding legal pitfalls and practices that could lead to land use issues and other transparency problems.

Successful cannabis regulation and taxation requires close collaboration between city staff, public officials, community stake holders, legal counsel and consultants who possess the technical expertise of the cannabis industry and regulatory issues.

For more information about HdL’s Cannabis Management Program Services or general questions about local government issues relating to cannabis governance, feel free to contact David McPherson at (909) 861-4335 or at dmcpherson@hdlcompanies.com.