Our Leadership

Our Leadership

HdL’s Cannabis Management services are led by Cannabis Compliance Director David McPherson, who is one of the state’s most recognized experts in cannabis horticulture, processing and dispensary operations.  He uses his experience dealing with the industry to assist local and state agencies in developing cannabis policies for regulation, compliance, auditing and economic development. Another key member of the team is Matt Eaton, Cannabis Compliance Manager, who’s previous experience as a Supervisory Criminal Investigator with the Colorado Department of Revenue in the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) provided him the opportunity to conduct over 10,000 criminal investigations and compliance audits. In addition, Matt worked closely with law enforcement agencies in the State of Colorado in dealing with cannabis issues and developed training curriculum for various agencies.

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Cannabis Management Team

David McPherson
Cannabis Compliance Director

While working for the City of Oakland, David became the first Tax Administrator in the Country to successfully tax, audit and regulate medical cannabis businesses. David is one of the state’s most recognized experts in cannabis horticulture, processing and dispensary operations. He uses his experience to assist local and state agencies in developing cannabis policies for regulation, compliance, auditing and economic development. David worked closely with the League of California Cities and lobbyists on the development of AB 243, SB 243 and AB 266 which established the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA).

Matt Eaton
Cannabis Compliance Manager

Mr. Eaton plays a critical role in implementing HdL’s Cannabis Management Program—his sole focus at HdL. Prior to joining the firm, he was a progressive law enforcement professional with 29 years’ experience conducting criminal and regulatory investigations, and background investigations. While working as a Supervisory Investigator at the Colorado Department of Revenue in its Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), Mr. Eaton managed Criminal Investigators and civilian staff in the Denver Metro and Longmont Field Offices.

Matt Hinderliter
Director of Audit Services

During his 25-year tenure with HdL, Mr. Hinderliter has directly participated in thousands of taxpayer audits. Mr. Hinderliter is the author of an extensive audit training manual including information regarding complex point of sale issues and proposed changes in legislation and regulations. He created the state’s first multi-dimensional audit process, which includes extensive data mining and web-based analysis combined with field investigations.


Adam Crabtree
HdL Strategic Partner, Founder and CEO of Nationwide Compliance Specialists

Mr. Crabtree is the Founder and CEO of Nationwide Compliance Specialists, Inc. (NCS) headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  He began his career in banking, sales management, operations and compliance for a Tier 1 Bank.  It was here that he recognized the inherent flaws and systematic disconnect between banks, state government and the cannabis industry.  Using his background and acumen in banking, he developed the NCS platform, a patent-pending predictive analytical algorithm-based system capable of aggregating and analyzing tens of millions of data points that are then transformed into clear, concise and detailed reports.

Johan Klehs

The firm engages Johan Klehs as its lobbyist to represent client interests in matters before the BOE and the state legislature.  In statewide office, Mr. Klehs served as Chair and a Member of the California State Board of Equalization and a Member of the Franchise Tax Board. He also served 14 years as a Member of the California State Assembly and four years as a Member of the San Leandro City Council. In the Assembly, Mr. Klehs chaired the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee longer than any individual in California’s history.

Mark Lovelace
Cannabis Policy Advisor

Mark Lovelace has 16 years of broad experience in public policy, community engagement and advocacy from both inside and outside of government. He is recognized as a leader in advancing the statewide discussion of medical and recreational cannabis as a policy issue in California. Mark served on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors from 2009 through 2016, where he was instrumental in developing a comprehensive approach to regulating cannabis, including a voter-approved tax on commercial cultivation and an innovative track and trace pilot program.

Stephanie Martin
Cannabis Outreach Coordinator

With over 28 years of diversified law enforcement experience, Stephanie has used her training and expertise to develop community-based partnerships, create and implement outreach programs and apply her communication for media relations. As a Volunteer Program Manager, she was responsible for the recruitment, selection, and training of volunteers who provided support services to all divisions of the Manhattan Beach Police Department. Her assignment as the Department’s Community Affairs Officer was unique, as she was the only officer to have supervisory responsibilities, manage a budget and interview/select applicants for paid and volunteer positions. Stephanie also served as the coordinator of the DARE program for the City of Redondo Beach. Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Chapman University in Orange California.

Kami Miller
Senior Auditor

Kami Miller is the Senior Auditor for the Cannabis Compliance team. In this role, Kami ensures cannabis compliance and identify the risk assessment in the supply chain process of each permitted business. Previously, Kami was the Marijuana Compliance Manager for the Department of Public Behavior and Health for the State of Nevada. During this time, she played a key role in Nevada’s implementation of its Medical Marijuana Program, with responsibility for statewide monitoring of medical marijuana facilities that included cultivation, production, testing labs and retail stores. She also conducted and provided data research to the local marijuana newspaper. Kamilah received her Bachelor of Business Administration in E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management from Tennessee State University where she developed an interest for becoming a subject matter expert in the marijuana compliance industry.

Elizabeth Eumurian
Senior Analyst

Elizabeth Eumurian is a Senior Analyst in HdL’s Audit Department.  Elizabeth previously worked for a large financial institution analyzing data for reporting anomalies and performing financial audits.  She has also worked as a senior auditor in the entertainment industry.  In this role, Elizabeth executed testing procedures for targeted audit programs, analyzed findings and prepared audit and compliance reports.  Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from California State University, Fullerton.