Our Experts

Our Experts


David McPherson
Cannabis Compliance Director

Cannabis Compliance Director David McPherson, who is one of the state’s most recognized experts in cannabis horticulture, processing and dispensary operations. He uses his experience dealing with the industry to assist local and state agencies in developing cannabis policies for regulation, compliance, auditing and economic development. David’s unique experience as a law enforcement officer, compliance auditor, and tax administrator has provided him a wealth of experience to lead the HdL Cannabis Management Program—his sole focus at HdL.

David has been helping local agencies navigate the industry and has participated in over 40 panels and discussion over the last few years. He has been quoted in numerous articles and continues to be asked to participate in discussions and training sessions throughout the state. He has worked with many state agencies including law enforcement, The California Department of Consumer Affairs, the state legislature, the League of California Cities, California State Association of Counties, Rural Counties Representatives of California, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, California Society of Municipal Finance Officers and many others.

Please click the links below for a few of the many articles where David McPherson has offered his expertise:

HdL staff worked proactively during the year proceeding the passage of Prop 64 to provide HdL clients with technical support to develop local tax and regulatory ordinances which all successfully passed. Our team continues to provide clients with technical support and subject matter expertise in this ever-changing environment.

Matt Eaton
Cannabis Compliance Manager

Matt Eaton, Cannabis Compliance Manager, who’s previous experience as a Supervisory Criminal Investigator with the Colorado Department of Revenue in the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) provided him the opportunity to conduct over 10,000 criminal investigations and compliance audits. In addition, Matt worked closely with law enforcement agencies in the State of Colorado in dealing with cannabis issues and developed training curriculum for various agencies.


HdL’s staff is regularly asked to share their expertise with members of professional organizations. Recent cannabis-related presentations and workshops include:

  • League of Cities – Economic Development Managers
  • North Coast Regional Summit
  • State Board of Equalization – Cannabis Traceability Workshop
  • League of California Cities – City Manager Department Meeting 2016
  • Placer County Chamber of Commerce
  • California City Stakeholders Meeting
  • San Bernardino City/County Conference – 2016
  • State Board of Equalization – Marijuana Audit Training
  • Central Valley Cities – City Attorney Association
  • City of Banning Town Hall Community Meeting
  • CACTTC – Bay Area Annual Conference
  • CSFMO – Central Valley Chapter
  • CSMFO – Channel Counties Chapter
  • Bond Buyers Annual Conference
  • California State Association of Counties – Orange County Chapter
  • City of El Monte Council Workshop
  • City of Lynwood Council Workshop
  • League of California Cities Annual Conference – 2016
  • County Administrative Officers Association
  • CMRTA Annual Conference – 2016
  • California Police Chiefs Association – Bay Area, Central CA and Southern CA
  • San Joaquin County Cultivation Workshop
  • CSMFO – Coachella Valley Chapter
  • League of Cities – Prop 64 Workshop
  • Solano County Board of Supervisors
  • City of San Fernando City Council
  • City of Arvin City Council
  • CSMFO Annual Conference 2017
  • League of City Managers Department Meeting 2017
  • CMRTA Division 1 Chapter Meeting
  • City of Blythe Council Workshop
  • City of El Monte Council Workshop
  • City of Cotati Council Workshop
  • City of Pacifica Council Workshop
  • City of Riverside Council Workshop
  • California Police Chiefs Prop 64 Webinar
  • City of San Carlos Council Workshop
  • San Bernardino City/County Conference 2017
  • CSMFO Orange County Chapter Meeting
  • City of Live Oak Council Workshop
  • Yuba City City Council Workshop
  • North Coast Journal Cannabis Industry Conference 2017
  • Local Government Managers Association of Nevada
  • San Mateo Planning Directors Quarterly Meeting
  • City of Benicia City Council


HdL’s staff is regularly asked to share their expertise.  Please read the Case Studies listed below for:

Regulatory Ordinance Development

Community Outreach