Cannabis Management Program and Services
Maximize Revenues

Our professional team has direct experience with establishing and implementing medical and retail cannabis regulatory programs which include establishing land-use regulations, permit processes, staffing plans, cost recovery fees, structuring cannabis business tax fees, regulatory compliance , financial audits and law enforcement training. Our team has conducted over 10,000 cannabis compliance inspections and investigations in the State of Colorado and in California.

Management Support Services
Revenue and Compliance Experts at Your Service

HdL provides subject matter and technical support to implement your agency’s Cannabis Management program.  Services include working with agency staff on all issues related to Cannabis tax policies, regulatory ordinances, fiscal analysis, compliance reviews, financial audits, law enforcement training and providing best practices to ensure all state and local laws are followed.

Implementation of Procedures and Application Processes
Certifying Results

Implementing of a successful application process for dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing, transportation and distribution facilities can be overwhelming.  HdL works with agency staff to develop the application process, performs application reviews and makes final recommendations.  HdL ensures the entire process meets all legal standards set forth by the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA), Proposition 64 Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA) and local laws. HdL is the only consulting firm with experienced staff with direct experience regulating cannabis businesses at the local and state level.

Cost Recovery and Fiscal Analysis
Improving Revenue and Efficiency

HdL assists agencies with developing programs to recover costs for reviewing medical and retail cannabis business applications and issuing cannabis business permits.  Our team prepares fiscal revenue reports with taxing options for various types of cannabis businesses and develops taxation strategies to maximize agency economic benefits and provides a framework for cannabis-related businesses to be successful.